ARTISTS: The Forty Fives

The Forty Fives


'Somewhere between The Remains on a serious amphetamine jag and The Makers without the phony tough - guy schtick (and a lot more talent), the Forty-Fives are serious-as-a-heart-attack contenders for the trash-rock crown.' -Worcester Phoenix

'Soul-drenched, mop-top rock and roll like this has been missing from the universe for far too long. It may be a debut disc, but it already sounds like a greatest - hits package. No wonder the band calls itself the Forty-Fives.' - Arizona Republic

'This is the British Invasion turned on its ear, with a furiously American attitude. The Forty-Fives have rediscovered the art of the catchy ditty - and reclaimed power pop for American Musicians.' - Columbus Alive


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