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Five Eight





“…one of the most passionate, soul-searching songwriters [Athens, GA] has seen since the band’s inception 15 years ago.” – Flagpole Magazine | Athens, GA | May 5, 2004

“Five Eight has made perhaps the most consistent and satisfying rock record of the year.” – Shane Harrison: Atlanta Journal Constitution (Atlanta, GA) May 4, 2004

“Frontman Mike Mantione writes some of the most melodic, heatbreaking rock I’ve heard.” – Robin Hilton: NPR

“Rock rarely gets more passionate — or real.” – Charleston Post & Courier (Charleston, SC), May 20, 2004

“There’s some kinda weird consumptive Velvet Underground/Neil Young dissipated thing going on here that’s worth figuring out.” – Jeffrey Morgan: CREEM MAGAZINE/METRO TIME DETRIOT

“when it comes to the straightforward, hooky rock blast, the Foos [Fighters] are just about Five Eight’s only peers.” — Shane Harrison | Atlanta Journal Constitution | May 4, 2004


It is often said that the while the Velvet Underground did not sell a lot of records, everyone who bought one went on to start a band. Like the Velvet Undergound, Five-Eight ALSO didn’t sell a lot of records.

Five Eight is a four piece rock band from Athens, GA, though sometimes we were a three piece and sometimes as many as five people on-stage. It varies with the weather and people’s medications.



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