ARTISTS: The Kindergarten Circus

The Kindergarten Circus


 Hoo boy. A band called The Kindergarten Circus. Oh, I can just picture it. The oldest member of this band probably isn't a day over 17 years old, and probably looks it. I picture a buncha cherubic-looking overachievers who's timely collision with punk rock, blues and garage a coupla hundred fortnights ago accelerated their collective puberty to the chagrin of parents of teenage daughters all over the South. Dollars to donuts, they gleefully bleed their own blood at every other show they play. Yeah. And I'll betcha your rare mono South American pressings that these podunk prodigies are fawned over and treated like royalty by both their hapless high school chums and the town's local beardos and record collectors alike. They're probably way too good to be humble, way too young to be jaded, and way too smart to compromise. Yessir, I bet they're just the very fucking distillation of teenage caveman rock and roll pandemonium, and they know it.