ARTISTS: Flat Duo Jets

Flat Duo Jets


 "Retro-rockabilly maniacs the Flat Duo Jets paired singer/guitaristDexter Romweber and drummer Crow; though based throughout much of their career in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the duo first gained widespread exposure appearing live in the 1986 music documentaryAthens, Georgia: Inside/Out. Despite critical acclaim, they did not issue their self-titled debut LP until 1990, resurfacing a year later with Go Go Harlem Baby; indie-label stalwarts throughout the course of records including 1992's In Stereo, 1993's White Trees and 1996'sRed Tango, Flat Duo Jets finally signed to major label Outpost to release 1998's Lucky Eye. 2008 saw the release of the soundtrack to the Dexter Romweber/Flat Duo Jets documentary Two-Headed Cow."- All Music Guide


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