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The Woggles


Combine a splash of surf, a pinch of rhythm and blues, a few fistfuls of soul, a whole lotta 60's-inspired rock n' roll, and you get the musical phenomenon that is The Woggles. From songs that shake the rafters to shows that tear the roof off, The Woggles are a four-man delivery system for 200-proof butt-shakin' r-o-c-k.

Dan Elektro "the heartbeat of rock n' roll" first started playing drums at the tender age of 10 for his father's band in Alabama. His primitive beats make it impossible not to get up on the tables and stomp along.

Buzz Hagstrom, the bass player with class, is originally from Folkstone, England. He brings plenty of style and rhythm to every note he plays, and occasionally fills in on bass for his wife's band, The Subsonics.

Former lead guitar slinger of the critically acclaimed band Guadalcanal Diary, The Flesh Hammer runs the stage like a rock n' roll fullback. He joined the band after former Woggle, George Montague Holton III, tragically passed away in 2003.

Frontman extraordinaire, The Professor, has the awe-inspiring ability to deliver electricity that makes listeners feel like they just stuck their fingers into a light socket. The Professor is truly a master of both vocal and physical acrobatics.

The Woggles new album, Soul Sizzling 7" Meltdown (Chicken Ranch Records, 2005) is a sweat-drenched history lesson from the kings of cool. As featured on John Peel's last World Service BBC Program, it is a jam-packed grab bag of songs culled from various 7" records throughout their career, including the fantastic cover "Get Down With It", which truly is a soul sizzler! Their last studio masterpiece, Ragged But Right (Telstar Records, 2003) was hailed as "one of the top 10 coolest records of the year" by Little Steven Van Zandt (Underground Garage). It contains fourteen original gems with its roots mined from all of the great bedrocks of Music History 101.

Since their inception in 1987, The Woggles have released eight studio albums, over a dozen 7" singles, and have appeared on over twenty compilations. They also have several releases on various national and international labels. When not in the studio working on new material, The Woggles travel the globe tirelessly playing to fans in the United States, Europe, and Asia. They oftentimes tour with pals Guitar Wolf, Holly Golightly, Southern Culture on the Skids, The Forty-Fives, The's, etc.


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