ARTISTS: This Damn Town

This Damn Town


TDT is a supergroup from Austin with Alex Cuervo (Blacktop, King Sound Quartet, Now Time Delegation, A Feast Of Snakes, Gospel Swingers) - Kari Luna (Gospel Swingers, Now Time Delegation, Grownups) - Jeremy Diaz (Riverboat Gamblers) - Dillon Strange (The Order Of Svengalis).

"This Damn Town brings the mind the type of bands that were running American regional music circuits in the '20s through the '50s; bands that earned in their living in roadhouses, shacks in the middle of forest, bunkers, and jamborees for little more than pay to the next town, dangerous encouters with any combination of women, men, shady business deals, drugs, and the love of music. But what came out of it no longer seems to exist on the national stage: steel nerved, roots-ready bands that, no matter what they're playing, is muscled through with meaty chops and excellent musicianship." - Razorcake