ARTISTS: Automusik




[AUTOMUSIK] is a vastly superior musikal celebrity than those who currently aspire to become the object of attention for extravagantly addle broadcast spectators and silly anthropoidal beings who collectively mass before digital components in order to fulfill their pathetic desire to become entertained by those who possess an inferior brand of such.

As experimental [ROCK AND ROLL STARS], [AUTOMUSIK] is entitled and dependent upon all conventions bestowed upon the aforementioned noun including, but not restricted to: gift bag quantities, perceptively attentive audience bodies, adulation and accord from professional musik evaluators and those who are occupational correspondents, members of the opposing sex for use in post-performance activities related to interior sexual fertilization without the intent of actual breeding and large amounts of artificial substances which may produce derogatory effects upon the central nervous system.

"Taking The Flying Lizards' sterile pop covers to their most logical conclusion, the man known simply as Automusik crafts similarly minimalist odes to sex, pain, and hate that are completely sexless but seething with pain and hate. ...There isn't a single sensibility, American tradition, or mega-popular pop act Automusik is afraid to insult"- AV Club/The Onion


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