Caleb De Casper NFTs

The brilliantly talented Caleb De Casper has launched the world's first NFT-to-Vinyl NFT on the Tezos blockchain. With resource shortages causing vinyl production to come to a crawl, Caleb has come up with an NFT that you can purchase and exchange for vinyl. Caleb also has two additional standalone video NFTs available that feature the art of Keith Womak. These have limited availability.

  • Femme Boy Pink Vinyl

    The owner of this NFT has the right to exchange the NFT for one pink physical vinyl copy of Femme Boy by Caleb De Casper. Visit here to follow instructions, transfer and redeem. Once redeemed, this NFT will be destroyed. Vinyl exchange offer valid until 1/1/2024.

    Total Minted: 500

    Price: 10 TEZ

  • Femme Boy Album Art

    Art by Keith Womak. Music and performance by Caleb De Casper. Song snippet is "Do It Baby".

    Total Available: 10

    Price: 10 TEZ

  • Femme Boy Reach

    Art by Keith Womak. Music and performance by Caleb De Casper. Song snippet is "Do You Feel".

    Total Available: 10

    Price: 10 TEZ

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my own TEZOS wallet and purchase an NFT?

Depending on your level of familiarity with crypto, this might be a multi step process. First you'll want to have a Tezos wallet, and secondly you'll want to populate that wallet with Tezos tokens and finally log into the marketplace with your wallet to purchase the NFT. We'll describe the easiest path for complete beginners here. This isn't financial advice, it is just a path to being able to purchase an NFT on Objkt.

1) Setup a Tezos wallet in your browser with Kukai wallet. You can log in with your Google credentials or other social media or create one from scratch.

2) Acquire Tezos from a crypto exchange. Coinbase is the most mainstream and user friendly but there are a ton of ways that this can be done. Once you've acquired Tezos, you can transfer the token from the exchange into your Kukai wallet.

3) Log into Objkt marketplace with your Kukai wallet (top right "Connect Wallet" icon). Then you are ready to purchase an NFT that will reside in your wallet. Here is the Chicken Ranch Records marketplace.

Here are some additional resources on YouTube that can help you through this sometimes intimidating process: How to Create a Kukai Wallet on Tezos and Why Tezos NFTs are on the Rise (still early!)

Where can I see the Chicken Ranch Records wallet and marketplace?

For our initial NFT launches we will be using the Wax token and be hosted on Atomic Hub. Our Wax wallet information can be found here: (link goes to listing). Our Atomic Hub marketplace can be found here. Our Objkt marketplace can be found here.

What platform are you minting on?

We mint on Wax or Tezos and use tools available through Atomic Hub, NeftyBlocks and Objkt. We use these tokens for three reasons. First, Wax and Tezos has shown that they are much more environmentally friendly than Bitcoin and Ethereum so we wanted to make sure we were responsible global partners. Wax is 125,000 times more energy efficient than Ethereum. Secondly, there are no gas fees when peer-to-peer transferring of NFTs. This means that more money stays in the pockets of the artist and not going to anonymous fee entities. And thirdly, Wax is showing itself to be the center of pop culture NFT collectibles with Funko, Hot Wheels and even Spiderman using the platform for their NFT releases. Tezos has additional formats for NFTs like embedding MP3s within and the Tezos community is more into one off or limited run collections. We are going to experiment on other platforms as well as we work to serve our artists and customers better.

How does it help artists and musicians?

Think of it as another item on the merch table. It doesnt replace tshirts or vinyl, but just gives another way to continue to do what they love. One of the better things about NFTs is that you dont have to put them in a box and lug them from city to city.

What is the roadmap for these NFTs?

Our goal with NFTs are a work in progress. Initially our NFTs will allow special access to our Discord community. We will be rolling out preferred access to artists during shows (backstage or preferred seating). We will provide a great product for fans of our label musicians and artists. NFTs allow us to remix and deliver even more opportunities for our artists. This world is new, we are going to try a bunch of things that work or might fail, but we are very excited.

How to Redeem NFT for Vinyl

Currently the pink vinyl album is not available for NFT redemption. We are hoping in the next few months to have it available here with a form you fill out to redeem. In the meantime, purchase the "Femme Boy Pink Vinyl" NFT below to reserve your spot. Subscribe to the Chicken Ranch Records newsletter for information on when this will be available.

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