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Starlings, TN - Heartache in 4/4 Time

Heartache in 4/4 Time

Heartache in 4/4 Time


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Talk about a tumultuous decade. Since 2001, Steven Stubblefield of Starlings, TN has seen it all:  epic natural disasters, personal demons, nervous breakdowns, the death of a mentor and friend, the severing of a great musical partnership, moves from Nashville to Mississippi to Texas, and, at last, with the release of Heartache in 4/4 Time, the completion of a rebirth and a reconnection with his past.

"It’s bluesy, rootsy, powerful, sad, and very much a part of the myth of what “Americana” represents: a travelogue for the sole that becomes myth when there’s glory, but the true glory comes from going through rough times in order to find a sense of sanity."- This is Books Music

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