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Starlings, TN - Between Hell and Baton Rouge

Between Hell and Baton Rouge

Between Hell and Baton Rouge


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Follow up to the Starlings, TN's critically acclaimed debut, "The Leaper's Fork." Lushly realized porch music perversions from indie-roots dulcimer outfit Starlings, TN. Choppy guitar, dulcimer drone. Louisianna drawl. Lapsed time lamentation, shoe-gaze implosion. Hot rock action & one of the coolest Hank Williams cover versions ever. 

'Throughout, the vocals, and Bryan’s haunting bowed embellishments, display a mastery beyond mere craft. Even the cleverly dubbed “Villager Tavernacle Choir” brings ramshackle beauty to the incantatory “Going back to Louisiana,” which concludes the album’s harrowing trip. Along string-band music’s journey “back to the future”, Starlings TN make ideal tour guides.' - No Depression

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