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Starlings, TN are taking an extended break from the live frontier.  Here’s the official press release from Steve Stubblefield…

“It’s with a heavy heart and trembling hands that I sit here to compose this.  In my heart  I always knew this day would come, just not so soon.  Since moving to Austin in February of 2011, my daily focus has always been to figure out how to better my professional career as a musician, challenge myself as a songwriter, and become a better producer.  Just before SXSW in 2012, the new line up was intact and beginning to work and it wasn’t long before we landed a bi-monthly  gig at The Driskill Hotel Bar.  I remember how nervous we were on how we would fill two hours of music then.  Now, those nights there just doesn’t seem to be enough time to play all we want.  

I wish I could individually thank every person in Austin or elsewhere who has helped us out along the way.  There are far too many to attempt to name here.  But, you know who you are and we are and we will always be grateful for airplay, people who took time to write nice things about us, and helped us find new venues to carry our distinct sound.   We’re also so grateful for all the venues that took a chance and let us play.  We hope you will always think of us as treating your venue as our own living room… and for those of you who came to see us play, we appreciate you most.

We can’t say enough about Mike D at Chicken Ranch records who believed enough in my vision to let us release four albums and a slew of singles in just five years.  All of the bands on chicken ranch are incredible and we consider each and every one of you family as evidence at the SXSW chicken ranch records day party every year.  We are honored to be among you all.

With all of that, it just isn’t enough.  Over the past six months as individuals we have found our paths going in different directions.  We tried with great effort to pull it back in and began working on new material in the studio to try injecting some new life in to the band.  As we stagnated, individually we looked elsewhere to fulfill the void.   Every door we tried to open couldn’t be even with a crowbar.  Frustration, for me at least, began to mount and I began to loathe the idea of playing shows or trying new things.   Now, it is time to draw an end to this chapter of Starlings, TN.   We would like to dispel any rumors that the last show we played was at this year’s chicken ranch records SXSW day party.   We still have some gigs on the books and plan on fulfilling our agreements with them.   

Here’s a little about us individually to help explain why are paths are headed in different directions.  Believe me, I think I can speak for all four of us and say if there was a way to continue, we would.

Bryan and Morgan are about to bring their first child in to the world.  We wish them the best and know they will be great parents.  They are both also pursuing their professional careers.  

Mitchell can be found playing with Carson McHone among other bands and is in great demand out on the road.  So, should you have the opportunity to see him, go.  He’s not only the best bass player I’ve played with, he’s one of the best all around musicians helping me constantly make sense of the math in music  from which I have always struggled.  His enthusiasm on stage is unmatched.

Tim says he’s seen “into the wild” enough that he can actually pull it off.   I’ve known Tim for 25 years and he is a founding father of Starlings, TN.  Our hearts travel together and I have no doubt somewhere down the line, he and I will play music together again.

As for myself, I’m getting married.  I’m in love with not just a woman, but also her three beautiful kids.   I’ll be relocating full time back to Shreveport nearly 20 years to the date that I left for Nashville to make my mark on the world.  I’d be lying if I told you I knew exactly what is in store for me musically in the future and that’s part of it, what I desire a break from the most.  The music business is like a chess game and if you wanna make money, survive, and remain relevant you have to always be thinking many moves ahead.   I’ve done just that relentlessly most of my life but even more so the last four years and now, like Forrest Gump at the end of his big run, “I’m tired and think I’m just gonna go home now.”  However, I wouldn’t be too surprised if I popped up playing solo in and around Shreveport as I transition in to family life and also look forward to rekindling old friendships there as well.  But, there’s not much more I can say about it than that.

So, what’s left?

April 17 Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon  6-8 pm

April 18 The Driskill Hotel Bar 9-11

May 2 Driskill Hotel Bar 9-11 pm

May 22 Ginny’s Little Longhorn Saloon  6-8 pm

May 23 The Driskill Hotel Bar  9-11 pm

So, I guess that’s about it for now.  Thanks again to you all.  I hope we get to see some of you before we do hang it up in May.  We will miss all the friends we have made and couldn’t be more proud of all the accomplishments that you have helped us with along the way.  Without you, it would never have happened at all.

“I’ll take down my fiddle.  Gonna rosin my bow.  Make myself welcome wherever I go.”


Steven Stubblefield

Starlings, TN”

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